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ETU students probably are much like you. They generally are:

  • 20 to 50 years old.
  • Working full-time-possibly in a tech-relate position.
  • Making monthly mortgage payments and keeping up with other financial commitments.
  • Raising a family and trying to meet other responsibilities.

ETU students, for one reason or another, either did not follow the traditional educational path of attending College or University immediately after high school or they want to return to school for a different degree. Regardless, they now find the lack of flexibility of traditional campus-bound College or University courses to be a barrier for them.
ETU students are capable of self-instruction and have the motivation and discipline to complete their University degree or certifications without a set schedule of classes to attend.

ETU distance education e-learning bachelors, masters and doctoral programs, adult learners with a viable alternative.

. Enroll at anytime and begin courses immediately.
. No classes to attend.
. There are no residency requirements.
. A variety of tuition financing is available to meet needs.
. Current college-level texts and instructional technology provide a strong platform for learning both theoretical and practical skills required for success in today's world.
. Full-time faculty provides academic assistance.
. Student services such as mentoring and career assistance add value to each enrollment.

For ETU professional certifications you also enroll at anytime and begin courses immediately. All courses are online with access to e-books 24x7 and virtual Labs-everything you need is just a click away.

1005 West Bush Blv. - Tampa, FL 33612.
Tel (813) 932-7080 - Fax: ( 813) 673-8101
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