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Recognized by Business, Industry and Government
ETU graduates are values employees, and employers appreciate the high academic quality of our bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs.

Over 200 employers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to leading manufacturing, transportation, retail and financial institutions have paid tuition or reimbursed employees for their study.

How do Tuition assistance and Reimbursement Programs Work?
Company policies are varied. Some companies pay tuition directly to ETU while others reimburse the employee when the course is completed; many business cover 100 percent of tuition while others pay a portion.

After reviewing this catalogue, talk to your human resource department about its specific policy, then contact an ETU admissions advisor with the details. Your admissions advisor will gladly assist you in meeting company policy and answer employer questions. Enrollment can be paid in full or on a course-by-course basis, and academic progress and grade reports can be furnished. Company discounts are also available for group enrollments.

Fortune 500 Companies That Have Paid Tuition or Reimbursed Employees.
    • Ameritech
    • AT&T Global information solutions
    • AT&T
    • Boeing Support services
    • Coltecom Inc.
    • Conoco, Inc.
    • Coors Brewing Company
    • DELPHI automotive system
    • Dupont
    • Electric System Architectures
    • Federal Express
    • Fina Oil Chemical company
    • General Electric
    • Georgia Pacific Corporation
    • GTE Directories Corporation
    • Hamilton Standard
    • Helwett Packard
    • Honeywell Inc.
    • Kaiser Aluminun Corporation
    • Lockhee Martin
    • Lucent Technologies
    • MCI International
    • NCR Corporation
    • Nynex
    • Verizon Wireless

1005 West Bush Blv. - Tampa, FL 33612.
Tel (813) 932-7080 - Fax: ( 813) 673-8101
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