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Distance Learning.
Online Learning.
What is it?

Many terms are used to describe the experience of learning outside a classroom and methods vary from real-time teleconferencing to text-only versions of courses. The real question is: What should it be?

At ETU believe it should put you in control of your own learning. You choose when and where you will study, and when to ask for help. It should challenge you intellectually, even through new ways of learning. It should be innovative, bringing alternatives to going to college that make school a very "service" oriented atmosphere. Most of all, it should be an experience that prepares you to improve your career and your life.

How it Works
Working with our facility and staff, you'll use solid course materials and participate in online chats and study groups to progress through these courses in a 12-month annual term, then enroll in your next term. It is recommended that students complete an average of two courses every four months. You can study when and where you want with our flexible self-spaced courses. This flexibility also allows you to finish sooner and enroll in the next courses toward earning your degree.

As you progress through your degree to upper level courses in your major, you may want to consider customizing your program by earning professional certifications, such as the Health, MCSE or CCNA, that can count as electives. Once you have passed the certification exam, you'll receive the academic credit toward your degree and have earned your certification too. Your admissions and student services advisors will help you decide when the time is right.

Academic Standards
Our campus is built purely from computer data, but you can assure our academic standards are built on a solid foundation.
    • ETU faculty hold advanced degrees in their academic fields .
    • All courses address the most recent technological and business concepts.
    • Courses focus on relevant workplace skills.
    • ETU is licensed by International Online Association for Higher Education.
    • Curriculum follows guidelines developed by academia and industry with the ACM, IEEE and the AACSB.

Academic Tools and Support
ETU offers you a variety of academic tools developed with the distance learner in mind, to help you earn your degree online.
A combination of texts and technology provide a through and balanced e-learning degree experienced. You may be studying at home or at office, but academic support is just an e-mail away.

    • No appointment necessary-ETU faculty is available by phone, fax or e-mail from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, five days a week.
    • Course e-mail lists you to faculty and other students in the same courses for questions and discussion.
    • Weekly faculty led lectures give you a chance to ask questions in real-time.
    • Chats are archived for you to access when it is convenient for you.
    • Mentors, ETU students and graduates, volunteer to lead study groups and provide one-on-one tutoring.
    • Take test online or submit electronically.
    • ETU e-global provides 24/7 online libraries support, research databases, access to over 2000 electronic books, and government documents.

Course Materials
ETU course materials are developed with the distance learned in mind.

  • OR100-ETU Compass-the first course you take at ETU will lay the foundation for your success, modules including:
    • Effective study skills for online learning.
    • Creative and critical thinking skills.
    • How to conduct and document research.
    • Writing for success.
  • Study Guides-developed by ETU faculty-will:
    • Clearly state what you will know when you complete the course.
    • Lead you through each course with directions on what to do next.
    • Contain faculty lecture notes to explain difficult concepts.
    • Include self-test and practice exercises to help you prepare for graded exams.
  • Textbooks, written by leading academic industry experts, from basis of each course.
  • Programming courses use professional software, so you learn on the same software used in the industry.
  • Study tips listed both online and the ETU Student Handbook help you create a manageable schedule that permits time for you to enjoy your work, your family and other activities.

Course Labs

Weather you want to check your grades through ETU or study in an online lab, ETU Online provides of the best learning resources for students, and the information is available whenever you are. Each course lab contains an array of services for students as they work toward their degree. Lab resources depend upon the specific course objectives. You may find some or all of the following resources available in the ETU ONLINE labs.

    • Course labs
    • Supplementary Tutorials
    • Textbook Web Sites
    • Multimedia Web Based Tutorials
    • Archived Faculty Lectures
    • Course E-mail Lists
    • Faculty E-mail Contact
    • Electronic Submission
    • Online Testing
    • Student Forms
    • Frequently Asked Questions

The ETU Community

ETU is about getting your degree through distance learning, but it's also about the "university" experience. We know you need to interact with your fellow students, even if you're a thousand miles away. And, when your working hard to get your degree, you need to recognized for your accomplishments. Later, you'll want to interact with other alumni and participate in alumni groups.
You can form friendships with other students that will last a lifetime, you can chat with your friends from school, and you can get a mentor who can give you advice and help you with academic questions. Take advantage of these services and make connections with like-minded students to build your own network. Everyone knows someone who landed a job because they "knew somebody." At ETU, you'll meet people the world over.

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