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All bachelor programs are designed and allowed to be completed in a minimum time of nine months up to two years.

Undergraduate programs in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral follow guidelines established. All students must have access to the Internet, e-mail and a printer.

  1. Complete 123 semester credit to graduate including 63 credits in the general education curriculum and 60 credits in the major.
  2. Maintain an overall GPA of 2.0
  3. Students may be eligible to transfer up to 30 credits in the major.
  4. Students must maintain a B- (2.67) average in the major area of study.
  5. Computer Science students are required to pass with a grade of B- (2.67) or better because they form the foundation for further study.
  6. Students must register for and participate in e-mail lists for courses in their major.
  7. Computer Science students must have access to and experience with word processing and spreadsheet applications.
  8. Students enrolling in a single course must submit a minimum of one assignment every month.
  9. All new annual term students are required to complete the three-hour orientation course. New course-by-course students are required to complete the one-hour orientation course.

Transfer Credit, Professional Certifications & Credit for Life and Work Experience
Our policy is to help new students begin at the most advanced point possible in their undergraduate degree program. Since most new students have completed prior college work and have professional certifications and many years of work experience, it is not unusual for students to meet the 60 credit required in the general education curriculum through transfer and life and work experience credit.

TRANSFER CREDIT-ETU accepts credits from their institutions for comparable courses in the general education curriculum and in the undergraduate majors, subject to review of transcripts. To receive credit for courses in the undergraduate major concentrations students must also submit, in addition to transcripts, a course outline and labs. The Admissions Committee evaluates the transfer value of educational work completed elsewhere. There is no charge for credits transferred from other institutions. Credits must have been earned at an institutions accredited by an agency recognized International Education.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS-ETU also awards transfer credit for specific professional certifications. Credit awarded range from three to 12 credits depending on the certification and the degree program, and may be applied to both general education and major courses.

LIFE AND WORK EXPERIENCE-ETU guidelines for assessment of life and work experience are designed especially for adult student who has established and achieved professional goals. ETU recognizes these experiences by awarding credits toward the completion of the general education curriculum requirements. To be evaluated for life and work experience, you must provide information based on the Life and Work Experience assessment.

Sources of Credit
    • Students may receive up to a total of 90 credits through a combination of credits transferred from their other universities, for specific professional certifications, and credit awarded for life and work experience.
    • Up to 90 credits may be earned through transfer of credit from other institutions. Of the 90 credits, no more than 30 credits may be applied to their concentration.
    • 30 credits toward meeting general education curriculum requirements may be earned as credit for life and work experience, even if no transfer credit is applicable. Credit for life and work experience cannot be applied to the major.

General Education Curriculum Requirements
The ETU general education curriculum offers courses in a variety of disciplines that provide a strong foundation for a well-rounded education. Supporting our educational philosophy, the curriculum covers the fundamental academic disciplines of mathematics, science, social and behavioral sciences, the humanities, and written and oral communications.

Students are required to complete a total of 63 credits in the general education curriculum.

ETU Compass - 3 Credits

Written Communications - 6 Credits

Humanities - 12 Credits

Behavioral & Social Sciences - 12 Credits

Science/mathematics - 12 Credits

Your admissions advisor will assist you in designing a personalized curriculum that meets your educational and career goals and places you in the most advanced position for beginning your studies. You may fulfill these requirements through credits transferred from other institutions, specific professional certifications previously earned or taken through ETU and credits awarded for life and work experience, by completing ETU courses, or a combination.

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