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Director of Curriculum Development
Ana Luna
B.S. in Science Economic, UASD University

Academic Dean; Chair, Departamento de Bussiness y Technology
Gerardo Sierra
B.S. in System Engineer, North University
M.S.C, University of Georgia
M.S.A. in System Auditor, Antonio Nariño University
M.B.A., Rushmore University
Member MBA Association Club Oxford

Not Your Father's Professors
ETU faculty won�t approach your education like traditional professors. They are a select group of dedicated individuals who will work to develop a rewarding relationship with you as a mentor, offering encouragement and challenging you intellectually. They understand your lifestyle and your obligations, so they are available when you need them by phone, fax or e-mail, and you never need to make an appointment.

    • Maria Perez, M.Ed., City College of New York
    • Wilfredo Perez, B.A., Saint Petersburg State University
    • Sarah Rodriguez, B.S., Autonomous University
    • Nilka Santana, Ph.D., Autonomous University
    • Franklin Torres, M.Ed., National Louis University
    • Gonzalo Torres, B.S., Central Foundation University
    • Sergio Vanegas, M.L.L., Touro Law Center
    • Joaquin Lara, M.S., University of Comfenalco
    • Ana Luna, B.S., UASD University
    • Ram Gorre, M.S., Osamina University
    • Jeremy Hooie, B.S., Auburn University
    • Abery Hurt, B.A., University of Alabama at Birmingham
    • Balakrishna (Bala) Inamdar, M.S., University of South Alabama
    • Robin Jackson, Ph.D., Indiana University , Bloomington
    • Kris Jamsa, Ph.D., Arizona State University
    • Jonathan Jefferson, M.S., Cornell University
    • Tomeka Jones, B.S., University of Alabama , Tuscaloosa
    • Arshad Kahn, M.B.A., Pace University
    • Thomas F. Kirk, M.B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University
    • Karen Ledbetter, B.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham

1005 West Bush Blv. - Tampa, FL 33612.
Tel (813) 932-7080 - Fax: ( 813) 673-8101
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