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Academic/Financial Obligation Policy
Undergraduate students enrolled in an annual term are required to complete 18 to 20 semester credits in 12 months from the date of authorization for the online orientation course. With the exception of MBA students, graduate students enrolled in an annual term are required to complete 12 semester credits in 12 months from the date of authorization for the online orientation course. MBA students must complete each course within a 12-week period.

ETU realizes that unforeseen circumstances may prevent students from meeting this requirement. Students, who are unable to meet the requirement, but have completed at least half of the courses in the term, may file an academic extension using the form found in the Student Handbook and on our web site. The academic extension may be requested at the end of the 12-minth period of enrollment and may cover up to six (6) additional months. Any academic extensions students must have completed the courses, or must re-enrolled and begin the uncompleted courses over.

Students enrolled in a single course are required to submit a minimum of one assignment per month. It should be noted that submissions at this rate may not result in the course being completed within three (3) months will be allowed to complete the course, however, this will not extend the three-month expiration of the enrollment agreement.

The MBA Executive Schedule requires completion of each course within a 12-week period. If a student is unable to complete a course in the schedules 12 weeks, he/she will be assigned a grade of I (Incomplete) and have 30 days from the end of the term to complete the course for full credit. Three courses must be completed within a 12-month period to maintain active enrollment.

The work of students who are not current in their tuition payments will be held ungraded until the student has satisfied his/her financial obligations as outline in his/her enrollment agreement with ETU. Additionally, students who fail to make tuition payments will not be eligible to take further courses until financial obligations are met. ETU may not provide coursework for courses for which tuition has not been paid. ETU choose to cancel the enrollment agreements of students who fail to make scheduled tuition payments for more than 60 days

Denial of Admissions
ETU reserves the right to reject any applicant judged as unprepared to complete college-level work based on an evaluation of the individual's application and transcripts, or any individual whose academic needs and goals may not be best served by ETU.

Aptitude Policy
If, at anytime during enrollment, the academic staff determines the students does not Aptitude sufficient to progress successfully through the ETU program in which he or she is enrolled, the student may be withdrawn from the program. This decision is at the discretion of the academic staff after discussions with the student. Students withdrawn under this policy receive a full refund minus work completed .

Independent Study Policy
ETU maintains an independent study policy designed to ensure that students submit original work that is completed independently. Before beginning course work, students are required to design and return the Independent Study Policy pledge provided in the ETU Student Handbook.

Proctored Examinations
Examinations at ETU are designed to be taken in a distance education setting. It is a requirement that exams be proctored; taken in the presence of another person who verifies the student's identity. Students are responsible for selecting a person of good character with sound credentials.

ETU prefers that librarians proctor exams. Libraries make excellent settings for taking examinations. Libraries are generally experienced in serving as proctors. The second choice of an acceptable proctor is your supervisor or a human resource representative of your company. As a third choice, ETU will accept other citizens such as ministries, rabbis, law enforcement officers, teachers, principals or other educational administrators. Family members, friends or any individual with a personal connection to the student are not permitted to serve as a proctor and will not be approved.

Proctors must be pre-approved by ETU before they will be authorized to administer exams. Exams proctored by unapproved proctors will not be accepted. Students are required to submit the names, addresses, contact information and credentials of three potential proctors as part of your orientation course. Approved proctors will receive an agreement form from ETU that must be signed and returned prior to proctoring any examination.

Please schedule appointments for taking final exams prior to requesting the final from ETU. When scheduling appointments, allow three (3) business days for electronic delivery to the proctor and seven (7) additional business days for UPS delivery to the proctor. Students are not allowed to view the exam prior to its taking. Depending on the course, the student has two to three to complete the exam and is allowed, in some courses, to access the text (s) during the taking of the exam. Other notes and study materials may not be used. The student is not allowed to contact ETU faculty or to have any outside contact during the exam. If the student is confused by an exam question, he/she may note it on the exam. This should be initialed by the proctor. The proctor should not answer any question concerning the content of the exam.

At the conclusion of the exam, the proctor should complete and sign the Proctor Identification Form. The student should also sign and verify his/her student number. The student must provide the proctor with an envelope addressed to ETU with ample postage for mailing the Proctor Identification Form, the course evaluation, and the exam. ETU routinely verifies proctor information. If a student is found to have falsified proctor Information, the student will be expelled under the Academic Misconduct and Disciplinary Policy.

Academic Misconduct and Disciplinary Policy
Students shall be a credit to themselves and to the school and must follow all schools rules. ETU maintains the right to dismiss students for violation of school rules or for conduct, which in the opinion of the school, reflects or impacts unfavorably on the school's reputation or operation .

Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, violating school policies, abuse of ETU Staff, cheating, plagiarism, fabrication and misrepresentation, including misrepresenting or providing false information on the admissions application or other materials submitted to ETU. Penalties can range from reprimand to dismissal for academic misconduct or for conduct unbecoming a student.

Legal Holidays
ETU offices will be closed New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday immediately following, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Academic Grading Policy
The grading scale has been determined based on the distance education format and ETU commitment to high academic standards:

A     93-100     4.00
A-     90-92     3.67
B+     87-89     3.33
B     83-86     3.00
B-     80-82     2.67
C+     77-79     2.33
C     70-76     2.00
D     60-69      1.00
F     0-59      0.00

  • To graduate from a B.S program, undergraduate students must complete their studies with an overall grade point average of C (2.0)
  • An overall grade average of B- (2.67) is required for undergraduate students in the major area of study for graduation.
  • No undergraduate course shall be passed with a grade bellow a C (2.0). Due to the importance of the programming foundation gained in CS110 and CS111, students are required to earn at least a B- (2.67) to achieve a passing grade in these courses.
  • Graduate students will not be allowed to pass more than two courses with a grade of C+ (2.33). All other courses must be passed with a grade of B- (2.67) or better.
  • Graduate students are required to maintain an overall grade point average of 2.67.
  • Graduate students who do not maintain a grade point average of 2.67 on the first 12 hours of course work, or any point thereafter, will be placed on academic probation.
  • Graduate students who remain on academic probation for 6 consecutive course works may be subject to assessment of academic penalty up to and including termination of enrollment.
  • If a student submits work that is not considered of sufficient quality to allow him/her to progress in his/her course of study, faculty may require the student to complete an alternate course component. A $25 fee may be charged for each alternate course component assigned. A maximum of three alternates will be allowed for a course component. Each alternate will reduce the possible score for that course component by a cumulative 10%; e.g. for a score of 93% on the second alternate, the student would only be awarded the maximum score of 80%.
  • Over the life of an undergraduate student's enrollment, the student can retake a maximum of three (3) courses in which he/she does not receive a passing grade. The student will be charged tuition for each retaken course. The original grades will not appear on the student's transcript and will not affect his/her cumulative grade point average.
  • Students enrolled in a graduate program may retake one (1) course throughout enrollment. Tuition will be charged for any retaken course.
  • If a student does not receive a passing grade in a required course, he/she will be required to use a retake to repeat that course. If a student does not receive a passing grade in an elective course, he/she will be required to use a retake to repeat the same course or replace it with a different elective course.
  • A student may not attempt a course until he/she has completed all of its prerequisites with a passing grade.

ETU is an compliance with all requirements imposed by or pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the regulations issued there under, to the end that no person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity sponsored at this institution.

Further, as prescribed by Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, this institution does not discriminate on the basis of handicap in admission or employment in its programs and activities.

Confidentiality of Records
ETU is aware of the confidential nature of student's records, both personal and academic. Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as amended, certain information about each student is deemed "Directory Information." ETU considers the following as Directory Information:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Date and pace of birth
    • Field of Study
    • Prospective date of graduation
    • Degrees and awards received
    • Enrollment Date
    • Most recent educational agency or institution attended

This information will be released to anyone who requests it unless you file a written notice within 60 days of enrollment. Following this notice, information will not be released without your written consent. We recognized your right of access to your own records.

Diploma & Transcripts
An embossed diploma and a transcript will be sent to the graduate after all academic and financial requirements have been met. Requests made by other institutions, employers, companies, etc. for an official transcript (i.e., one that has been signed and sealed) will be honored once the student has submitted a Transcript Request Form found in the Student Handbook.

Continuing Education Credits
Upon completion of a continuing education course, you will receive a grade report and a certificate stating that you have successfully fulfilled all course requirements. Your continuing education credits will be kept on permanent record in the ETU student database. Verification will be made available to you, your employer and other agencies upon your request. Where applicable, credits may be applied toward ETU B.S., M.S. and Doctor degree programs.

Transfer of Credits Policy
ETU recognizes certain credits from other schools for comparable courses offered by ETU. The ETU Admissions Committee is responsible for evaluating the transfer value of educational work completed elsewhere. ETU credits may be transferable to other schools. Just as we have certain requirements for acceptance of credits earned elsewhere, other universities have their own requirements. Each individual transferring from one university to another must be evaluated by the receiving school.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy
Enrollment may be cancelled at any time and in any manner. However, to ensure accuracy of student records, we request written confirmation of cancellation to the Admissions Director. Tuition refunds shall be made in the following manner within thirty (30) days of termination:

CANCELLATION: An enrollment may be cancelled by a student within five (5) calendar days after midnight of the day on which the enrollment agreement is signed, and prior to shipment of course materials. All tuition paid will be refunded within thirty (30) days of cancellation.

An enrollment may be cancelled after five calendar days after midnight of the day on which the enrollment agreement is signed and prior to the submission of any assignment (s) by the student. All tuition paid will be refunded within 30 days of cancellation minus a 15% administrative fee, not exceed $150, and less shipping fees.

WITHDRAWAL: If a student wishes to terminate enrollment after course work submission has begun, ETU will retain a 15% administrative fee, not to exceed $150 and a percentage of the total tuition, along with applicable shipping fees, late fees, NSF charges, earned interest, and/or book charges. Based on coursework submitted, the percentage of total tuition retained is determined. This figure, added to the administrative fee, and any late fees, NSF charges, earned interest and book charges, is deducted from the principal tuition paid to date. The refunded amount is the principal tuition paid to date less the total amount retained by ETU .

To determine the percentage of total tuition retained (see 1bellow) and the refunded percentage of principal tuition paid to date less deductions (see 2 bellow), please refer to the following schedule:

1) Portion of Assignments Completed 2) Percentage of Total Tuition Refunded

Up to 10%           90%
11% -25%         75%
26% - 50%          50%
51% y superior          No hay reembolso

Certification students may cancel within five (5) business days of the date on the certification agreement and receive a full refund. After five (5) business days access fees for certifications courses are non-refundable.

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