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All bachelor programs are designed and allowed to be completed in a minimum time of nine months up to two years.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
This sequence features C++ as the core language. ETU adopted C++ because the object-oriented paradigm is increasingly important in both academics and in the work-place, C++ is a popular language that suits the style of programming emphasized at ETU, a style we believe prepares the student for the rigors of real-world programming.

Program Objectives
This program is indented for the student who has graduated high school, is experienced and comfortable with computers as a user, desires to learn Computer Science in a rigorous way and is self-motivated and capable of working with less direct supervision. The objectives of the program are to:

    • Provide the student with a well-rounded education through the study of mathematics, natural sciences, social science, humanities, and written and oral communication.
    • Develop, in the student, fundamental understanding of the major areas of computer science: algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence, computer organization and architecture, numerical computation, operating systems, programming language theory, and software engineering.
    • Enable students to develop practical critical thinking and interpersonal skills applicable to real-world problems.
    • Develop the student into a proficient software developer, employing sound approaches to software design and implementation, with the skills needed by the software industry now and the ability to adapt to future developments.
    • Prepare students for entry into the computer science profession, especially in software development, and for entry into our M.S. program.
    • Allow the student to tailor the curriculum to emphasize areas of interest.

The following courses are recommended for Computer Science majors with no transfer or life/work experience credit.

ETU will develop a personalized schedule for you that places you at the most advanced point in the curriculum based on the number of credits transferred from prior college study, specific professional certifications, and/or awarded for your life and work experience.

1005 West Bush Blv. - Tampa, FL 33612.
Tel (813) 932-7080 - Fax: ( 813) 673-8101
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